City Profiles Through My Eyes

My City In A Jar blog has but one purpose, to bring closer the profiles of various cities, the way I see them. It is like having a whole city in the palm of your hand. I want to show the beauty of the world as it can be beautiful and fill my readers in, on the most interesting sites and important facts about different cities in the world.

City-ProfilesThe world is a really big place, populated by billions of people who all live in different kinds of cities and towns. Since I am into traveling and real estates as I am a woman of finances, I saw an opportunity of bringing the two things together with a really great outcome.

Every time you tell yourself that you are going to travel to a new city, to a place you have never visited before, you know that you are entering a whole new world of excitement and wonder. At least, that is how it is for me. I like to think of all the possibilities because they are simply endless. I am into real estate and finance but, writing about city profiles really makes me whole.

I like giving my point of view of some city to the others simply because knowing that someone might visit it because of my blog, makes me feel happy. City in a jar was my way of expression about how I feel about a certain city, what I like about it and what would be the most interesting things to know about it.

Different city can spark a different emotion

Traveling-With-A-MapIt is always hard in the begging. You do not know your way around, where it is safe to go, which places are good to eat and have some fun, where to find the most interesting cultural sites and buildings. It is always best to act like you are on the mission. Decide what you want to make of your visitation and then, follow those steps.

That is how I do things and it turned out to be a really good way. Feel free to delve into the history of the city you are in, you can never know what you will find that might catch your interest. The most important thing is to connect with the locals. They are the best source of information that you can find.