City In A Jar – Miami

MIamiEverybody in this world knows that Miami is the real hot spot in the world. It is the flashiest and the trendiest city on this planet. I just love to go there because of all that beauty around me, it is completely fascinating. From breathtaking landscapes and beaches down to the jaw dropping Miami luxury condos for sale. The rich and the famous make this city is completely mind-blowing. If you are visiting for the first time, go directly to South Beach and feast your eyes on the natural beauty. This city was truly blessed by amazingly nice weather and one of the most beautiful landscapes that you have ever seen in your life before.

But South Beach is not the main prize anymore. I have found out on one of my travels to this magnificent and very large city, that they have a new hot spot in town. If you go downtown to the north, you will find the new districts of Midtown, Design District and Wynwood. All three are home to the newly born fashionista movements. Also, West Avenue is very well known for its absolutely remarkable bay. It is perfect for watching sunsets or going down near the water to relax and have a few drinks with your friends.

Absorb the wonders

BeachWhen paying some city a visit for the first time, it is very important to pay attention to tiny details because it is those details that will make the stay significantly better. You know how wise people always say, it is the little things that make the world great. Well, it is the same thing with paying some city a visit. Then, you need to know exactly what do you want to make of your visitation. If the night life is what you are looking for, I can only say this. Go to the mammoth Fontainebleau. There is a whole bunch of nightclubs there as well as restaurants. The Mid-Beach is close too so it will be a whole feast for your senses.

All this renaissance will tuck you in the warm embrace of this never sleeping city which shows its hospitality to anyone with a deep pocket. I, myself, am a woman of finances and I know that not everybody can afford to go to Miami. If money is not a problem, I suggest paying a visit to Soho Beach House or even better, to the Faena District Miami Beach because it is a simply breathtaking experience. Whether you want to visit Miami just for the beaches, dining delights or Wee-Hour wild parties, Miami will soon become one of your favorite destinations. I personally love going there because it feels like owning the world.