What You See and Do in VEGAS Stays in Vegas

No matter what you are interested in, Las Vegas can make your vacation or business event memorable. Whether you are alone, with family, or on a business trip, there’s always a wide variety of interesting choices to make you preoccupied. My last journey there for the WISPA conference gave me the undeniable conclusion that Las Vegas was the greatest city on earth for internet business. No matter if you may be a gourmand, show lover, shopaholic, sportsman, gamer or gambler; you are certain that there’s something in store for you here. So here’s what you can see and do to enjoy your work and stay in Vegas.

1) David Copperfield Magic Show is certainly one of the most enjoyable shows in Vegas. Here, you’ll see the illusions and tricks done by the master magician incredible and almost impossible to do.

2) The Vegas Eiffel Tower experience can be one of the most delightful things to do out here. It has been a witness to many marriage proposals since its installation in Vegas. The ideal time to go up to its observation platform at the fiftieth floor is at nighttime. Here you can enjoy the Las Vegas sight that the Strip is known for.

3) Bellagio Fountains unquestionably make the best of the free attractions that Las Vegas has. You just can’t afford to miss it! The fountains at the center of an artificial lake are in front of the Bellagio hotel. You’ll be amazed at how unforgettable show of dancing jets of water reach impressive heights with modern and classic musical tunes and colored lights in the background.


4) Cirque du Soleil provides an integral part of things to do in Vegas, especially when there are kids around. Even adults will be pleasantly reminded of their once youthfulness. Fundamentally, it is a chain of shows which vary from sensual to mysterious to funniness. You simply need to choose those which you are appealed to. Some of the presently renowned shows are Mystere, O, KA, Love and Zumanity.

5) Fremont Street at the heart of Las Vegas provides a rewarding experience that you got to see to believe it. You can venture into cold snacks such as hot dogs enclosed in chocolate and other curious assortments that are marvelously inexpensive. In the evenings, you’ll come to enjoy few of the highly reviewed LED illuminance and music designed on large overhead screens.

6) Treasure Island Pirate Show: This is actually among the best free shows of Las Vegas sights. The free show is performed at the Treasure Island Hotel which lasts for 18 minutes and is full of bigger than life swordfights, hot dancing, singing, explosions, and fireworks.

7) Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is among the seven worldwide sites in Vegas that contain an actual sized reproduction of celebrities, historical figures, sports stars, and musicians, making it an amazing sight to visit, especially when you want to do other things aside from visiting casinos.


As my the business end of my trip came to an end, I decided to take the trip outside the city to the Hoover Dam. After all, you can only talk about the “differences between IPv4 and Ipv6” for so long with my broker (nice guy but I am a hedonist first and a tech entrepreneur second!)

8) The Hoover Dam, not far from downtown Vegas, is one of the most fashionable day trips one can venture after getting tired of gambling and shopping. It is an amazing Las Vegas sight located on the Colorado River. Why not visit the power plant too to discover existing operations!


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