How to Get Around Taipei When on a Business Trip

Whether new to traveling or is out for a business trip, tourists are quite excited to visit a new country and fly business class. Then you can have a Mercedes Benz waiting for you to pick you up. You stay in a 5-star hotel, and dine the full course of a chosen restaurant, and so on.

However today, you can travel various Asian cities on a slightly tight budget. You just need to travel with restriction and lengthy guidelines to follow. To begin your tour, choose Taipei as your first stop for the business travel destination.

Taipei 101 New Years Celebrations

Searching for a Hotel

It’s a wise idea to do your homework before you board a plane for Taipei. It’s good to be prepared when you travel down to this city. However, there is no room for worries when communicating with its people as they are highly proficient in English. Just converse with them, and they can help find around this city.

Hotels to stay in this city can vary from the most expensive to those on a budget. You just need to check a customer website that directs you to magnificent hotels in the city. Perhaps the hotel you are staying can be near the MRT station. This will be a lot easier to provide you with transport to get to places near and within the city. You want things done smoothly and conveniently.

Working in a big prestigious company can have you booked in 5-star hotels like the Taipei Sheraton Hotel, Sherwood Hotel, the Grand Hyatt, Shangri-La Taipei, Taipei Formosa Hotel and more. This can have your dollars spent per night. Certainly, there are also those for small corporates. Their prices are average and will just fit your small budget.

Access and Transportation

It can’t be a good idea to have your hotel pick you up from the airport. This can cost you exuberant dollars than having the option to ride a taxi. If you aren’t in a hurry, why not try the shuttle bus which is 10% less than taxis. This can also take you to familiar places in and around Taipei. If this is your first time to travel and you aren’t familiar with the city, you can always ask the driver to drop you off to your desired destination.

Also, having booked a hotel near the MRT station can save you a lot of money for transportation fees. If you want to go places, you just need to step out of your hotel and head on to the MRT station. Just get a ticket from the subway counter and ensure you have specified your destination.

Personal or Business Dining

Surely dining or eating out is your next concern when traveling on a business trip. Here, you will be dining with your clients or business partners at a local restaurant to discuss and do business. Taipei offers many wonderful restaurants around the city. For instance, you may want to try the Shilin night market food. It’s also here that you see beautiful landmarks and museums that showcase the city’s culture and heritage.


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