City In A Jar – Ho Chi Minh In Vietnam

Ho-Chi-MinhI just love paying a visit to the largest city in Vietnam. People think that is the last place on Earth they would visit but, they are greatly mistaken. It is one of the most impressive cities I have ever visited. It is the cities like Ho Chi Minh that lead me to decide to start running this blog. I just want to show the whole world all the wonders of this amazing place and introduce them to a culture that they do not know anything about. Vietnam was a place of great war, we all know the history but, it is not like that today.

This city always feels like it is alive. It has a pulse of its own and it fairly dictates the pace for the whole country. Since it is the metropolis, economic and cultural pace depends on it. Since Vietnam was a part of a French colony in the past, you can still see some of the architectural influences. It is quite charming to look at and everything here is a lot different than in the USA or Europe. Aside from the magnificent examples of sheer architectural mastery, you will be able to walk through the wide boulevards which are usually jammed with the traffic most of the time. That is why people here use bikes or simply walk.

The best ways to get around Saigon

Jade Pagoda, HCMC

It would be the wisest to get a cab that would take you through the city. But for the ultimate thrill, you need to travel around the city by motorbike. Currently, there are two ways to do this: 1) rent a motorbike from a trusted shop or 2)Take a tour with a guide on the back of the motorbike OR ride yourself on a high adrenaline tour. I want to come back to this topic at another time as it deserves its own post.

I would suggest incredibly beautiful structures like the War Remnants Museum where you can see a lot of things related to the Vietnam War but seen through their eyes. Also, one of my favorite destinations, when I’m there and trust me I love visiting this city, is Jade Emperor Pagoda. The beauty of this structure cannot be easily described in simple words, it can only be seen with your own eyes. The real challenge when you are here is when you get hungry.


Consider Some Shopping In Ho Chi Minh City


They have a completely different diet from the rest of the world as Asian people are known for this. Now, do not let this discourage you because one visit to their Ben Thanh Market or even the shoe street in District 3. will assure you that you will find everything that you would find in your own local market. Put simply, this city is a whole new world and I strongly suggest to all enthusiasts to come and pay a visit. Their outstandingly beautiful rice fields and those little darn cute houseboats will put a smile on your face while you tour through the Mekong Delta. Ho Chi Minh is like a dream.