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Hello! My name is Nicole Cathey and welcome to my personal blog about city profiles. I like to travel a lot and deal with really geeky stuff like HIPAA compliant server farms and debate the failure of Ipv6 with my colleagues and clients(I know!).

My personal view of every city I have been to, using a city in the jar approach, was meant to give my readers a great insight on how exciting and expiring the life in some city can actually be.

My whole life is dedicated to traveling around the world and letting people know all the experiences I have been through. My vision is to point out any cultural wealth of each city I visit. The world is such a beautiful place (anyone who has been to the Hoover Dam would have trouble arguing with this statement) and every city is very unique. Let me take you on a wonderful journey (Taipei is out of this world in the Spring) and show you just how exactly this world can be a place that you have been able to visit only when you dream. Let me make your dream come true with a few clicks.



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